WP 3 activities

  1. a. Jointly evaluating various lucerne-grass and pea-cereal forage crops, their monocultures and other legume-based mixtures in different drought-prone agricultural environments, taking into account forage yield, forage quality and farmer-participatory data, in order to:
    1. i. optimizing lucerne-based and pea-based mixtures (with respect to legume plant type and the associated grass or cereal species);
    2. ii. comparing pea-based vs. common vetch- and narbon vetch-based mixtures;
    3. iii. comparing best annual vs. best perennial mixtures, and defining the preferable mixture in relation to climatic conditions and crop-livestock system.
  2. b. Performing a final workshop, to define optimal diets including lucerne- and pea-based forages and/or pea grain as a function of the animal species, product and production level. 
  3. c. Producing the electronic booklet "Guidelines for cultivation and use in animal feeding of lucerne- and pea-based forage and pea grain crops".